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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

London, UK

Conversational, Upbeat, Engaging

Natural & ConversationalKatheryn
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Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Professional Woman 20 - 40 years old, Teen Female, Young Adult Female, Old Cockney or Posh Brit

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Katheryn is a highly experienced and versatile voice talentt with over 10 years of professional experience. Her background as a fully trained actor and voice-over artist allows her to bring characters to life with exceptional cadence, delivery, and tone. Her ability to dig deep into the heart of the characters ensures an engaging and authentic performance every time. She can deliver voice-overs in a neutral British accent or Cockney/Estuary accent, providing flexibility and authenticity for various projects.

Katheryn specialises in a range of voiceover genres, including animation characters, video game characters, and documentary narrations. Her voice is animated and lively, making it perfect for video narrations, cartoons, and video games. Additionally, Katheryn has a natural, conversational tone that is ideal for documentary narration. She also offers e-learning voice overs, commercial voice overs, and audiobook narration, showcasing her broad skill set.

Based in a dedicated, sound-treated, and professionally equipped home studio, she ensures a fast turnaround and top-quality performance for every project. Her clients can always expect a welcoming, engaging, relatable, conversational, and authoritative tone, making her a dependable choice for various voice over needs.

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