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Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

West Sussex, UK

Intelligent, Calm, Friendly

TV, Radio & CommercialKatie
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Natural & ConversationalKatie
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Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Plenty - check out my character reel!

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Microphone Neumann TLM103, Focusrite Scarlett 2i 2 Audio Interface, MacBook Pro. Connectivity via Source Connect, CleanFeed. Software Reaper / Audacity RX Elements

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Katie is a versatile British female Voiceover artist with a clear, intelligent, RP (standard English) voice. Her clients include the BBC, NHS, American Express, Pfizer, UNESCO and National Geographic. Although Katie loves all genres of voiceover, she works mainly in corporate narration. She enjoys playing both the conversational voice of the workforce and the more serious voice of the company. Katie regularly records explainer videos and inspirational company anthems, as well as educational and training materials. With an A-Level in Latin, she delivers industry-specific, technical language effortlessly, so she’s often booked for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial narration. A former Broadcast Journalist, Katie’s also a sought-after narrator of documentaries and museum guides.

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