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London, UK

Relatable, Conversational, Energetic

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TV, Radio & CommercialKieran
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Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Conversational, relatable and energetic. A millennial with experience, Kieran is a dynamic and passionate voice actor who’s been wowing clients with his impressive vocal range and adaptability. Whether you need an upbeat commercial, a diverse range of characters, or a heartfelt and powerful narration, Kieran’s got you covered.

Kieran’s voice is upbeat, versatile, sophisticated, and urban. He’s relatable and engaging, making him the perfect fit for any project. From commercials and animations to corporate videos, e-learning modules, and character work, Kieran can handle it all. His vocal range is ideally suited for ages 30s to 40s, but he’s great at adapting to different age groups as needed.

With his own studio, Kieran can deliver high-quality recordings quickly. He ensures efficiency and top-notch quality with a fast turnaround.

For those in the market for a British male voice artist who can bring scripts to life, Kieran is the ideal choice. His unique and adaptable voice can meet and exceed expectations, whether a conversational and relatable tone, a cool and sophisticated delivery, or a vibrant and energetic performance is needed.

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