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Kansas, USA

Bright, Intuitive, Fresh

TV, Radio & CommercialRachel
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A wonderful, all-American neutral accent from the Midwest of America. Rachel is a full-time voice actor based in Kansas City, MO, specializing in voice-over for commercial and e-learning narration. With a versatile voice, she has delivered quality work for notable companies like Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Patagonia. Beyond voice work, Rachel excels in on-camera and print roles, leveraging her extensive improv experience.

She has a particular talent for e-learning and corporate narration, making complex information accessible and engaging. Her voice spans multiple age groups, including child, teen, young adult, and middle-aged, and she adeptly delivers various North American accents, including General American, Midwest, and Southern.

Rachel's work covers e-learning, radio and television ads, telephone systems, video narration, and online ads. Calling the Midwest home, Rachel loves what she does and brings her passion and professionalism to every project, adding a touch of excellence to all her work.

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