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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Midlands, UK

Young, Fresh and Vibrant

TV, Radio & CommercialSarah
00:00 / 25:57:46
00:00 / 20:50:23
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Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Teen, Young Adult, Adult

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

SE Electronics SE 2200 Mic, Adobe Audition, MacBook Pro, Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen interface.

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Sarah has a warm, friendly, relatable voice with plenty of energy and just the right amount of sparkle. She is a celebrated British voice artist and accomplished copywriter, renowned for her versatile and engaging vocal performances. Sarah brings a unique blend of energy, warmth, and professionalism to every project she tackles. With a regionally neutral accent, and the ability to incorporate a Midlands touch, she effortlessly adapts to a wide range of voice-over requirements, making her a top choice for various clients.

Her vocal capabilities span from teens to early 30s and whether it’s the luxurious depth of a rich, silky tone, the vibrant energy needed for children’s content, or a natural and conversational delivery for audience engagement, Sarah’s voice has the perfect nuance for every project. She excels in delivering technical information with clarity and sincerity, making her an ideal fit for e-learning modules and corporate narrations.

Working from a state-of-the-art, sound-proof home studio, Sarah ensures high-quality recordings. Her portfolio includes radio commercials, telephone messaging systems, e-learning videos, and product launches, showcasing her wide-ranging expertise​. Clients commend her for her collaborative nature, meticulous attention to detail, and the vibrant, positive energy she brings to her work. For brands looking to captivate their audience with a dynamic and bright voice, Sarah offers the ideal mix of enthusiasm and professionalism.

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