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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Midwest, UK

Enthusiastic, Young, Genuine

Natural & ConversationalSean
00:00 / 16:16:06
TV, Radio & CommercialSean
00:00 / 20:19:55
00:00 / 16:19:09

Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Villains, Crazy, Kermit the Frog, Christopher Walken, H. John Benjamin ("Bob's Burgers"), Wise Wizard

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Sean is a fantastic voice actor based in California, USA. For nearly two decades, he has been lending his voice to a wide range of voice over clients and brands, including heavyweights like Nintendo, Disney-Pixar, and The Walt Disney Company.

Sean is capable of conveying so many tones, ranging from friendly and comforting to youthful and tech-savvy, or exciting and energetic. Sean has got you covered whether you need a voice for animation, commercials, instructional videos, announcements, pitches, or voice over for video games.

For narrations, Sean’s voice is fluid, informative, and smooth. For commercials, he can be bubbly, pleasant, and inviting. Sean's voice talent truly shines in the exciting world of video games and cartoons. He can bring to life a wide range of characters: from impactful, determined, and heroic protagonists to menacing, intimidating, or downright scary antagonists. He’s also great at voicing the bumbling but lovable sidekick, the wise and noble sage or wizard, and so much more.

Share your vision with Sean, and he’ll work tirelessly to deliver exactly what you need. Your voice over project is his priority, and he’s committed to making it sound amazing.

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