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Voice Artist's Native Language


Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Kent, UK

Cool relatable British

Natural & ConversationalShernorva
00:00 / 29:58:05
TV, Radio & CommercialShernorva
00:00 / 23:52:29
00:00 / 20:53:00

Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Multicultural London English Accent

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Mic: RODE NT1 Interface: RODE Al-1 Computer: Macbook Pro & Monitor Editing Software: Reaper, Twisted Wave, iZotope RX7 Noise Floor: -65dbs Record Specs: 48khz/WAV 24-bit (different spec available on request) Live Recording: Source Connect and Zoom

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Shernorva is a distinguished British voice-over artist known for her warm, cool, and conversational British tone that appeals to a wide range of audiences both nationally and internationally. Her expertise spans various types of voice-over work, making her a versatile and reliable choice for numerous projects.

Shernorva has collaborated with notable brands like Amazon, Nike, and WhatsApp, bringing their brands to life with her engaging and relatable voice. Her ability to deliver clear and professional narrations makes her an excellent choice for corporate videos and presentations. Additionally, Shernorva specialises in educational content and e-learning modules, where her articulate and approachable tone enhances the learning experience, making complex information accessible and engaging. Her adaptable voice and professional approach have earned her the trust of top-tier clients. Whether it's a dynamic advertisement, a detailed explainer video, or an informative e-learning course, Shernorva brings a polished and compelling touch to every project she undertakes.

For those seeking a voice-over artist who can provide a natural and authentic delivery, Shernorva stands out as an ideal choice. She is available for hire and can provide sample recordings of your script upon request, ensuring that your project receives the perfect voice to connect with your audience.

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