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Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

Manchester, UK

Gravitas, Assertive, Smooth,

TV, Radio & CommercialSimon
00:00 / 11:57:55
TV, Radio & CommercialSimon
00:00 / 14:04:37
Natural & ConversationalSimon
00:00 / 7:34:31

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Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Simon is a versatile northern England male voiceover artist, from Manchester. His relatable and credible voice brings a smooth, engaging quality to any project. With his authentic and soothing Northern accent, Simon has a natural talent for narration and storytelling, delivering both authentic and compelling stories, whether he’s explaining complex topics or promoting products.

Simon thrives on scripts that allow him to utilise his acting skills, especially those that involve characters and highly emotive content. His dynamic range is ideal for high-energy reads, bringing an extra level of excitement and vitality to his performances. In addition to his storytelling and acting abilities, Simon has a great sense of humour, making him a perfect fit for scripts that require a funny, light-hearted approach. His talent for injecting personality and wit into his reads ensures that every project connects with listeners in a meaningful way.

Whether it’s narration, character voices, or high-energy commercials, Simon’s versatile approach makes him an exceptional choice for a wide range of voiceover projects. His authentic Manchester accent adds a distinctive charm to his work, making his voice memorable and trustworthy. Simon is the ideal choice for projects that need an engaging, genuine, and professional British male voice artist.

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