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Voice Over Artist's Native Accent

London, UK

Conversational, Current, Engaging

Natural & ConversationalTim
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Voice Actor's Range of Impressions

Other Languages

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

Description of Voiceover Artist's Voice

Tim is an award-winning African British voiceover artist based in London, known for his smooth, rich, and versatile voice. With a natural, conversational tone that’s both relatable and cool, Tim’s sound brings a unique blend of warmth and authority. His dynamic range makes him perfect for everything from engaging TV and radio commercials to informative e-learning modules and corporate narrations.

Tim’s voice effortlessly adapts to various styles and characters, whether it’s energetic and upbeat for advertisements or calm and reassuring for narrations. He’s also adept at North, East, and West African accents, adding authenticity to his performances.

Trusted by top brands like Spotify, Pepsi, and Emirates, Tim delivers high-quality audio from his professional home studio. Clients appreciate his ability to quickly understand their vision and provide excellent results with a friendly and professional approach.

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